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Entry #2

Math & Magic - How to beat the Dragon?

2011-05-04 14:01:50 by Kori-san

Warning : If you want to beat the Dragon on your own, DO NOT READ the following text !


Here are some hints that will help you beat the Final Boss of Math & Magic:

* The first thing you should do is reduce its high Attack (303); it is better if none of your stats is a multiple of 3.
* The Dragon deals massive Magic damage on even turns, so use "Guard" or an item when it happens (having 2 Meats +500 or more is highly recommended).
* On the 3rd turn, reduce its HP to 998.
* Increase your Attack and reduce its Defence until your Physical attacks can hurt it.
* Don't forget to use "Whirlwind" every time it can highly reduce the Dragon's HP, it will save you a lot of turns.

Math & Magic - How to beat the Dragon?


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